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What it was like to intern at K-Rock and Z-Rock in 1991
(Infinity Broadcasting's WXRK and WZRC in New York City)

K-Rock logo

K-Rock sticker, 1991
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It didn't occur to me, in 1991, how much the music industry would have changed by 2009. But in looking over my papers from that time, it occurs to me that they may be of historical interest, so here they are.

The "official" record of my experience at these radio stations is the "Analysis and Evaluation Paper" I submitted to my college, in order to get college credit for the internship. You should probably start by reading that here. I've also posted a collection of related documents here.

There were additional anecdotes and observations which didn't make it into my final paper, either because they seemed unimportant at the time, or because I thought the school would frown on my including them. I'll relay them now, in no particular order.

Please note: My comments regarding Steve Aprea aren't intended to make any representations regarding his current behavior. I'm describing events that took place (as of this writing) 18-odd years ago. I haven't interacted with him since, and have no idea what he's doing or what he's like now.

If you have related recollections you'd like to share, please contact me (see below) and I can add them to the site if you'd like.

Z-Rock logo Z-Rock bumper sticker, 1991
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