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Shrieking Violets
1991 - 1995


Shrieking Violets band photo

Left to right:
Theodora Michaels - guitar and vocals
Tina Lewnes - drums
Stephanie Saddler - bass and vocals

Bio (1993 version)

Shrieking Violets are three women from New York City who play alternative rock with a punk edge. Described by their label, Broken Rekids, as "if the Slits grew up in Brooklyn and listened to post-John Cale Velvet Underground," these women combine diverse influences, including punk, metal and blues, to create their own sound.

Shrieking Violets began when Stephanie Saddler (bass) and Thea K. (guitar) met in 1990 at Hunter College Radio, where Thea did the heavy metal "Hunter From Hell" show and Stephanie did the punk "Hardcore at Hunter" show. Being the only hard-rock DJ's at a station better known for rap and dance music, the two formed an instant camaraderie, and decided to start an original band with the same hard edge and devoted following as their radio shows. Later joined by punk drummer Ingrid Tejeda, the band played their first couple of shows in 1991. In 1992, there was a lineup change with the addition of Tina Lewnes (also a City University student), a drummer with the street-smarts and energy to propel the band into a series of well-received shows.

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11/19/91Hunter Envoy, The

The Shrieking Violets, an all female band, were the first to hit the stage in this tiny, dark yet club-atmospheric room. The Violets have been together for about a year and a half and have done gigs at ABC No Rio and Space at Chase. . . . Read more and see clipping

12/11/92New York Newsday

QUEENS PROFILE / Stephanie Saddler. JOB: Art major at Hunter College, works as a volunteer in the Hunter College Art Gallery and at Reconstruction Records . . . Read more and see clipping

2/1/94Sound Attitude

Shrieking Violets are three women from New York City who play alternative rock with a punk edge. Described by their label, Broken Rekids, as "if the Slits grew up in Brooklyn and listened to post-John Cale Velvet Underground," these women combine diverse influences, including punk, metal and blues, to create their own sound. . . .Read more and see clipping

7/19/94Toronto Sun, The

Always worth a look, CFNY Nu Music night at the Horseshoe, tonight featuring Indie noisemakers Shrieking Violets, Grimskunk and Octane 100 . . . Read more and see clipping

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7/13/1991ABC No RioNew YorkNYU.S.A.With Ingrid Tejeda on drums. Benefit for venue.
8/7/1991Space at ChaseNew YorkNYU.S.A.With Ingrid Tejeda on drums.
11/8/1991Hunter College Student Lounge (Room TH 305)New YorkNYU.S.A.With Ingrid Tejeda on drums.
5/30/1992ABC No RioNew YorkNYU.S.A.This and all later shows: with Tina Lewnes on drums. Green Day (who I'd never heard of at the time) was supposed to play too, but canceled at the last minute; we heard it was because they'd been offered more money to play elsewhere. View flyer.
6/6/1992Live at 315BrooklynNYU.S.A.
7/12/1992Good TimesBowling GreenOHU.S.A.
8/1/1992DuPont CircleWashingtonDCU.S.A.Outdoor show. Riot Grrrl Festival
9/18/1992Right Track InnLong IslandNYU.S.A.
11/13/1992Lion's DenNew YorkNYU.S.A.
12/6/1992Continental, TheNew YorkNYU.S.A.
12/10/1992Crazy Country ClubBrooklynNYU.S.A.
2/7/1993Continental, TheNew YorkNYU.S.A.
2/19/1993ABC No RioNew YorkNYU.S.A.
3/7/1993Continental, TheNew YorkNYU.S.A.
4/2/1993Lion's DenNew YorkNYU.S.A.Part of NYU Independent Music Festival
4/4/1993Douglass College (Rutgers University)New BrunswickNJU.S.A.Rock for Choice benefit.
4/9/1993Lee's PalaceTorontoOntarioCanada
4/10/1993El MocamboTorontoOntarioCanada
4/18/1993Continental, TheNew YorkNYU.S.A.
5/1/1993Under AcmeNew YorkNYU.S.A.Riot Grrrl benefit
5/16/1993Continental, TheNew YorkNYU.S.A.
5/22/1993Flushing Meadows ParkQueensNYU.S.A."You Gotta Have Park" benefit
6/20/1993DuPont CircleWashingtonDCU.S.A.Positive Force benefit
6/27/1993Big CityWest HamptonNYU.S.A.Long Island Association for AIDS Care benefit
7/10/1993Attic, TheFrederickMDU.S.A.
7/27/1993Continental, TheNew YorkNYU.S.A.
8/21/1993Nu BarBrooklynNYU.S.A.
8/22/1993Continental, TheNew YorkNYU.S.A.
9/3/1993ABC No RioNew YorkNYU.S.A.
9/5/1993Abyss, TheAlbanyNYU.S.A.AIDS benefit
9/26/1993Continental, TheNew YorkNYU.S.A.
10/22/1993private houseMontclairNJU.S.A."Dave Lerner's basement"
10/23/1993Bond Street CafeNew YorkNYU.S.A.
11/13/1993Madeira School for GirlsMcLeanVAU.S.A.Rape crisis center benefit. Didn't make it to gig - car stuck in mud.
11/14/1993Continental, TheNew YorkNYU.S.A.
11/25/1993Jerry's AlleySt. Catharine'sOntarioCanada
11/26/1993Naked LunchTorontoOntarioCanada
11/27/1993after-hours partyTorontoOntarioCanada
3/10/1994Kenny's CastawaysNew YorkNYU.S.A.Benefit for The American Heart Association
3/17/1994Tamaqua ClubBrooklynNYU.S.A.Two sets
3/19/1994ABC No RioNew YorkNYU.S.A.
4/14/1994Bond Street CafeNew YorkNYU.S.A.
6/17/1994West End GateNew YorkNYU.S.A.
7/10/1994Mercury LoungeNew YorkNYU.S.A.
7/14/1994My Father's PlaceQueensNYU.S.A.
7/16/1994Punkfest '94MarmoraOntarioCanadaOutdoor show. Benefit for St. Francis of Assisi Animal Rescue Mission.
7/19/1994Horseshoe TavernTorontoOntarioCanada
7/22/1994Ringside InnLong IslandNYU.S.A.Two sets
8/10/1994Street LevelNew YorkNYU.S.A.
8/18/1994Silver Bolt StudioNew YorkNYU.S.A.private party
8/19/1994Ringside InnNew YorkNYU.S.A.Two sets
8/29/1995Continental, TheNew YorkNYU.S.A.Odd -- I don't have this gig listed in my gig book, butViolin Outbreak reviewed a show we did on "Tues. Aug 29th" (no year), which could only be 1995. I'll check my other records when I get a chance.
9/1/1994Scrap BarNew YorkNYU.S.A.
9/16/1994ABC No RioNew YorkNYU.S.A.Cancelled last minute - club had a flood.
9/16/1994Lauterbach'sBrooklynNYU.S.A.Cancelled last minute - car problems.
10/28/1994Right Track InnLong IslandNYU.S.A.
11/26/1994My Father's PlaceQueensNYU.S.A.Cancelled last minute by club, they paid us anyway.
2/22/1995 Rock n Roll CafeNew YorkNYU.S.A.